Creating in Self-Isolation


Your Routine Will Give You Creativity

If you’re like me, much of your work has been cancelled, postponed, or just stopped all together until further notice.
Enter unhelpful thought 307 “WHY DIDN’T I BECOME A DOCTOR! BLERG!”

I know in my heart I was born to create but uncharted water can cause uncertain thoughts which leads to…PANIC! All the panic in the world will not make the clock turn faster and it certainly wont help you make it through these next weeks. 

Perhaps it’s a good thing…Wait! Hear me out.
You’re going to have to get super focused on the things you CAN do and let go of the rest. As artists and entrepreneurs we experience mountain-top-highs and below-sea-level-lows. Helloooo depression and anxiety.

Routine is the key to generating creatively during the best of times and the hardest.  

Here are a few things we can do daily to stave off frustration, desperation and depression and keep in flow of creativity.


  • Wake up at a regular time. I know our schedules vary almost daily, but this is so important for mental health. It doesn’t have to be early, just consistent. 
  • Meditation and Pray. The BIG ONE. We have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day and unfortunately, not all of them are helpful.(And many of those are on repeat. YIKES!) Take 20 minutes a day to focus on a helpful thought, mantra or scripture. Light a candle, play some music (Pandora and Youtube have great list) and breathe deep. 
  • Take supplements. I take quite a few, but Vitamin D and Adrenogen are my favorites for fighting depression. *Judo chop*
  • Track your water intake. For best health, drink half your body weight in ounces; If you weight 200 lbs, drink 100 ounces of water every day. Quench is a fun app for tracking.
  • Cut down on caffeine. I’m down to one cup a day, in the mornings and it has helped me manage my anxiety tremendously. 
  • Workout! I know we can’t go to the gym right now, but there are tons of online workouts available and my gym Results Fitness is doing a live-stream workouts and posting them to their Facebook page Monday – Saturday. It’s FREE! 
  • Eat whole foods. You are going to hear all the sugary, carby, processed foods calling your name, but they are sirens, pulling you towards sluggishness and depression. By all means, treat yourself, (mmmm, dark chocolate!) just make sure your eating whole foods 85% of the time. <3
  • Working from home? Take Dance Breaks! Every hour get up and dance for a few minutes and get your creativity flowing. Set an alarm so you remember.
  • CALL ME! Reach out to your network; Friends, Family, Co-workers, and fellow creatives need you and you need them. We are powerful when we create together.

Taking care of yourself it not selfish it’s self-love. Imagine the flow of creative energy that will open up to you with real care and recovery.

Write your screenplay, opera, scene, feature film and/or Magnum Opus. Shoot a self-tape, learn a new song, aria, dance or monologue. 
And while you’re creating, take good care of yourself. 

We need YOU and your gifts in this world. 

All my love,

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