Actress, Singer, Producer

Welcome to the world of Aubrey Trujillo, a multi-talented film and stage actress whose passion for performance knows no bounds. Aubrey’s journey began at UCLA, where she earned her Master’s of Music, setting the stage for a career that has taken her to the forefront of both stage and film.


A SAG/AFTRA member, Aubrey Trujillo will grace the film scene with four feature films releasing in 2023 & 2024. Brace yourselves for the cinematic experience of a lifetime with “Obscura,” “Coyote Cage,” “The Hard Hit,” and “Night of the Starlings.”

But that’s not all—Aubrey has lassoed an exciting role in an upcoming western, “Dead River” that is sure to thrill audiences and ride into the heart of the frontier. Yeehaw!


Aubrey’s enchanting performances have graced prestigious venues across the US, leaving an indelible mark on audiences at The Ford Amphitheaters, The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, The Garry Marshall Theatre, and The Granada in Santa Barbara. Her magnetic stage presence and versatile talents, which have already earned her accolades as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, are now taking center stage in a brand-new way. Get ready for the crescendo because Aubrey Trujillo is creating her first original album!


As an indie film producer, writer, and aspiring director, Aubrey wears many hats with finesse. With a portfolio including writting six feature film screenplays and a track record as a production coordinator and first assistant director, she’s not just in the film industry; she’s shaping it.

Aubrey’s journey isn’t a solo act—enter ROKITPIG (www.rokitpig.com) , THE creative hub. Alongside lead producer, Jerry G Angelo, Aubrey and ROKITPIG are turning dreams into reality. Together, they’ve co-produced seven feature films, showcasing their collaborative prowess and commitment to cinematic excellence.

But Aubrey isn’t just behind the scenes; she’s making a directorial mark with her debut PSA on domestic violence awareness. Now, in the wings of development, her directorial debut, “The Space Between Breaths,” promises to be a game-changer.

ROKITPIG, isn’t just a contributor to the indie film landscape; they’re architects, crafting stories that resonate. Get ready for the magic they’re set to unleash on screens near you! 🎬📝🎥 #RokitpigMagic #ROKITPIG