Bespoke, Online, Voice Lessons for vocal health and confidence  

It’s frustrating not knowing what your voice will be like from one day to the next. Anxiety, a sore or tight throat and fatigue can interfere with your ability to consistently and effectively share your message and creativity. 

Whether you’re a singer, a public speaker, give presentations for work or teach, you should be able to count on your voice to be capable and reliable. Though we depend on our voice, like so many other physical tasks, we rarely take the time to warm-up and exercise our voices effectively. Drinking a cup of tea and clearing your throat are the vocal equivalent to touching your toes once and jumping into a marathon. OUCH!

My lessons are designed to help speakers and singers find their authentic, natural voice and practice using that voice in good health and with intention. Through the ease of online lessons, we can find a daily routine that helps you develop and care for your voice while getting you in top shape for your next performance goal.

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Your voice is powerful. Whether you’re an experienced performer or just getting started, knowing your voice, inside and out, is integral to your ability to communicate, connect and perform.